Website Maintenance

Don’t Let Your Website Go “Stale” –
Keep It Fresh and Profitable
Through Proper Maintenance

To improve your search engine rankings and increase your number of visitors to your site, you should be regularly updating your sites content.

There are several ways that Webati can help to keep your pages updated with fresh, accurate content.

We offer both Content Management Systems (CMS) & Real People (Personal Developer Assistance). This is where Webati updates your content – new products and services, new pictures, videos, coupons, specials, and brand value building news releases.

It’s a fact: Whether it’s visitors or search engines, they prefer to visit “fresh” websites where content is constantly being updated, with great regularity.

Blogs should also be updated often as they are seen as more relevant by search engines, and perceived as more real by an audience.

Webati can also help you with creating this powerful strategy for traffic building.

You’ll also want to keep your site updated with the latest web trends in E-commerce, analytics SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), CSS, and other rapidly changing technologies.

In terms of timing, we recommend an SEO & coding update ever 6-12months depending on the business type. This update will bring your site in line with industry updates, new web browser version, and changes to the landscape of your competition.

Turn around time is also very important. Your new content some times is so exciting that it needs to reach your audience immediately, thus we make sure we can accommodate urgent turn around times of just minutes, to 24 hours, for less urgent matters.

Webati has a unique “Support Center” that allows you to easily request updates. You can change, add, and delete your requests. Set a priority levels for each of your requests so we know what you need done first and how quick it needs to be completed.

Bottom line? Webati makes things simple so you can focus on your business.

For a free website maintenance & update analysis and benefits proposal CLICK HERE or give us a call on +1 (866) 580-2620.

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