The Influential Role Pinterest is Playing In Email Marketing

Email MarketingPinterest is often thought of simply as a social hub for sharing images; however, to the savvy marketer, it has much more to offer. In and of itself, it has become a lifestyle brand. The most common complaint that you’re going to hear about Pinterest is that users spend too many hours looking through sources of inspiration and style.

The popularity growth rate of Pinterest among women has been astounding. For marketers, it represents an opportunity for brand exposure and for raising awareness that cannot be ignored. For this reason, Pinterest is playing an increasing, influential role in email marketing. Even though reliable metrics to gauge its effectiveness have yet to be developed, this has not stopped many of clients from attempting to use Pinterest to engage and convert consumers to their brand.

Let’s look at some of the ways that Pinterest can be leveraged in email marketing.

Using the Pinterest Icon as a Social Suite Icon

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram icons are routinely grouped together, and the Pinterest icon is the latest addition to this social suite. Because it is ubiquitous, the Pinterest icon could potentially fade into the woodwork itself by becoming a part of the template.

At Webati, in order to solve this problem, we have styled the Pinterest icon, for many of our clients, so that it blends seamlessly with the look and feel that the message is trying to convey. We have seen some of our clients use other icons, like arrows, to highlight the channel, which can also be used to enrich the experience.

Email Marketing Can Be Used to Raise Awareness for a Brand’s Presence on Pinterest

If your business or company has embraced the Pinterest platform, then email marketing can be used to raise awareness among your targeted demographic of your presence on Pinterest. Using email as a means of marketing is particularly effective, because awareness is being targeted directly towards those who have expressed an interest in your brand. This is the very type of information they are looking to receive, and capitalizing on it is going to be much more effective than sitting around waiting for your presence to be discovered via organic means.

One of the more common approaches we use at Webati is to showcase boards of our clients. By grouping specific pinned content into certain categories, it assists your business’s targeted demographic in understanding the theme you are trying to promote.

Using Email Marketing as a Channel to Acquire Interest and Growth

As marketers, we have all seen how Internet based contests that use email opt ins are one of the most frequently traversed growth strategies around today. When you have a bigger email list, it offers more opportunity for potential conversions. Let’s turn the tables around for a second. What if you were to use email marketing as an acquisition path for your Pinterest users through promoting contests?

When the activity you produce online is of high quality, you are going to be rewarded with more interest. If interested parties are repining your brand’s content, then other users are going to follow suit. Generating interest in your business’s Pinterest activity is an effective means of jump starting followings and creating the momentum you are looking for. An example of one strategy we like to employ is asking contest entrants to create a board with our clients’ products, and we select one of these boards as the winner.

The primary benefit here is that the lifespan of the winning board is long going to outlast the timeline of the contest, and it will continue to garner more followers long after the contest has ended.

Email Marketing Featuring Pinnable Content

When creating emails with “pinnable” content, you are going to have one of two options to follow: content designed for brand engagement and content designed for featured products. Providing pinnable content is going to strengthen the bond your business has with its clients.

While the metrics to gauge the effectiveness of Pinterest as a marketing tool is still in the works, it is a means of marketing that shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re in it to win it, contact us here at Webati to start developing a Pinterest themed marketing strategy for your firm.