Psychology of Website Sales Funnels

Sales FunnelIn its most basic definition, a sales funnel could be described as the sieve which directs qualified buyers through the sales process, while weeding out less qualified candidates along the way. The top of your sales funnel contains a mixture of unqualified and qualified prospective customers. Through each step of the evaluation and purchase process, the less qualified prospective purchasers simply fall away. The bottom of your sales funnel, which is also the smallest part, is what contains the most qualified buyers.

The sales funnel is a tried and true marketing plan that, when executed properly, can be quite successful. However, in order to build a successful sales funnel, you must first understand the psychology behind it:

Creating Your List from the Ground Up

Regardless of the niche industry you are involved in or the products or services that your company is marketing, the first step of a successful entrepreneur is going to be lead generation. Define the parameters of your target demographic and start seeking out potential clients there. By capturing the attention of potentially qualified buyers, at a minimum, you are going to ensure that you obtain the most vital information: name, email, and phone number.

Unfortunately, this is component of the psychology of the website sales funnel that many entrepreneurs, both new and experienced, get wrong. Hype and unrealistic promises are used to generate and capture leads. However, the key to successfully capture potential sales leads is to prepare a unique offer that is authentic and transparent. This is what is going to give you the true competitive edge.

It is going to be critical for you to engage the right professionals to assist you in producing the high quality landing pages that will generate sales leads. This is Webati can step in to be of assistance.

Earning the Trust of Potential Clients

This is a critical element of the psychology of website sales funnels. Before a prospect makes the decision to purchase a product or service from your business, they must feel that there is a certain level of trust and comfort between themselves and your business. If have initially enticed them with hype and unrealistic promises that you cannot fulfill, how are they supposed to trust your future claims?

As a business owner, the two most important aspects that you will need to focus on are establishing a relationship with your client and providing them with a product or service that adds value. When you answer the question, “What’s in it for the client?” by showing how your business’s offerings will solve their current problems, you will be amazed at rate in which your generated leads are converted to actual sales.

Potential clients are going to feel safe with your business when you are able to demonstrate value and remove the element associated risk. Remove the elements of risk by offering bulletproof satisfaction guarantees and support for the customer. Once their fears of risk have been assuaged and the client sees the products and services you offer are of high value, they are going to be much more likely to purchase what you have to sell.

Anything that is worth doing is going to involve a considerable amount of work. At Webati, we will carry the burden of this work over a sustained period of time and to perform work that is going to last. Our sales funnel marketing processes are designed to generate the maximum amount of income for our clients, and each sales funnel will be customized the unique needs of your business’s targeted demographic.