How Complex Should Your Custom Logo Design Be?

Custom Logo DesignAt Webati, we’ve often heard clients ponder how complex their custom logo design should be. There are benefits to having a simple logo design. For example, certain symbols are readily identifiable. Think about the logos for Sony and Apple. These logos are simple to reproduce in a wide range of different styles, and they can be made out easily from near or afar.

When it comes to custom logo design, simple logos are not easy to create. It is difficult to come up with a simple, unique shape and make it interesting. Nike’s logo is an excellent example of a simple design with a unique twist that makes it original.

Many clients often feel that they are not getting their money’s worth when they are presented with a simple custom logo design. We often hear them say that they could have designed that themselves or they think that the design and style are not very creative. Yet, think about the famous logos of IBM or Ikea.

There are few people who would say that these logos incorporate poor design, so why is there a debate about the subject? Primarily, the conflict stems from a lack of understanding about branding principles and how designers work. With over 20 years of experience in my field, I can tell you that a simple logo is the most difficult kind to create. The challenge is that you must come up with a unique, simple shape that no one else is using.

In addition to being simple and identifiable, simple custom logo design must also establish a connection to the client’s name and their field of business. If you happen to have a designer at Webati or another similar company present you with a simple logo design, don’t dismiss it right off the bat. Ask he or she what their story behind the logo is and why they think it is appropriate for your business. Blindly choosing a logo is not the way to go, but neither is complaining about simplicity of the logo.

On the other hand, extremely complicated logos also have their benefits. A complex logo design is going to convey the message that a lot of work went into designing it. Additionally, many of these designs are quite attractive. For all of their good points, they also do come with some cons. For example, they might not look good in smaller sizes, and it requires multiple colors to print such a logo.

When it comes to choosing how complex you would like for your custom logo design to be, the question you are going to have to ask yourself is: “What is the purpose of my logo?”. Would you rather impress your targeted demographic with complicated art, or do you want to have a simple and timeless logo that is readily identifiable?

It is a tricky question to answer. There are no set in stone rules when it comes to custom logo design, but at Webati, we will work closely with you to assess all of the pros and cons of logo design when choosing the right one for your business.