PayPal Integrations

If You’re Not Using Paypal…
You Could Be Leaving Way
Too Much Money on the Table

PayPal is one of the most popular forms of secure online payment in the world today. It is a very viable alternative to traditional credit card processing, and a percentage of your customers will often appreciate and use a PayPal option.

So how do you know whether PayPal is right for your business?

Let’s consider some of the positives and negatives.

Here are the advantages:

  • Ease of use PayPal is designed for utmost simplicity and many people are now accustomed to using it for payment
  • Ease of management: PayPal's interface allows you to easily see, track and manage all your transactions in one central place
  • Very affordable: PayPal costs nothing to set up; unlike a credit card, anyone can do it very inexpensively
  • Works all over the world: If you sell internationally, this often makes it easier for people in other countries to purchase from you depending on credit card restrictions or the type of merchant account you have

There are some disadvantages, however:

  • In using Paypal, you send customers to an external site to pay - this takes them away from your site where you have control, and also gives them an extra step, which can lead to abandoned sales
  • PayPal doesn't accept all credit cards, so some customers will not be able to use it
  • Loss of percentage - PayPal typically takes more as a % of transactions than most credit card merchants do, so you may need to adjust your prices accordingly

Ultimately, Paypal can be a good solution, but it really depends on your business.

And the good news is that Webati is highly experienced in PayPal integration. We have helped many of our clients set up PayPal for a wide variety of offers, at all different price points.

If you believe or know that a % of your prospects would use PayPal if given the opportunity, it makes sense to offer that option and not risk losing their business to someone who does offer it.

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