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How Instagram’s New Terms Could Negatively Affect Marketers

Mobile Marketing

If you were to look at Facebook and Twitter posts of late, they would indicate that Instagram is finished. Because of the new terms of service being implemented in January, users are packing the proverbial bags and migrating towards other services, like Flickr and Snapchat. Among the new changes that Instagram is implementing are some Read More

4 Simple Steps to Effective Mobile Optimization

Mobile Marketing

There’s no doubt that a lot has been said about the importance of optimizing your business’s website for mobile viewing. In fact, we’ve written about the importance of mobile marketing on the Webati blog several times in the last few months. In short, mobile usage is expected to account for roughly 50% of all web Read More

5 Pieces of Information the Mobile Marketing World Needs to Know About Passbook

Mobile Marketing

In the last couple of months, it has been impossible for the mobile marketing world to ignore the presence of Apple. The official release of the iPhone 5 was announced in September, and this was the same day that Apple chose to roll out the iOS6, their newest operating platform for the iPhone. One of Read More

Creating Your Own App: Go Hard Or Go Home

Mobile Marketing

Creating an app for your business is going to provide an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness through mobile marketing. The app market for iPhone and Android has been on the uptick for quite some time, and there are no signs pointing to slowed growth anytime soon. Best of all, there are still many niche Read More