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Google News Keywords Meta Tag Is Seriously Underutilized


Back in September of 2012, Google launched a new meta tag entitled “news keyword meta tag”. The purpose of this meta tag is to provide news publishers with a better method of ranking keywords they might not have been able to include in their headlines. How many news publishers have adopted this new tag so Read More

Perfection Has Its Price

Google Analytics

At Webati, we often hear our clients express concern about utilizing Google Analytics to devise and feed their testing plans for optimization. The common fear is that the simple tools found in Google Analytics will not be able to adequately handle their site. It is a common misconception that more expensive tools are needed to Read More

Uncovering Link Prospects Without the Assistance of Google

Google Analytics

Can you think of an Internet marketer who is not obsessed with Google in some form or fashion? We have a particular fondness for the search engine giant here at Webati, but there are going to be times when you need to take a break from the hand that feeds you. The power of the Read More

New Google Analytics Features For Your Campaigns

Google Analytics

If you haven’t taken the steps to merge your AdWords account with your Google Analytics account, now is the time to do so. If you aren’t already taking advantages of the new Google Analytics features, then you are going to missing out on data that you can only obtain through this integration. One reason why Read More