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How to Maximize the Performance of Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook Marketing

If you want to maximize the performance of your Facebook marketing campaign, it is going to be essential for you to devote time to monitoring and evaluating its performance. Evaluation can be performed while your campaign is still active, not just after it is finished. Overall, you are going to see more profitable returns from Read More

Facebook Marketing : Moving Beyond the Initial Campaign

Facebook Marketing

Alright, your ad types have been selected, creative content has been produced, and your Facebook marketing campaign has been optimized. What should your next move be? How to Evaluate the Success of Your Facebook Marketing Efforts Deciding whether or not your Facebook marketing efforts have been successful is going to be a fairly straightforward process. Read More

It’s Time to Get Personal With Page Post Targeting From Facebook

Facebook Marketing

In the past, when you have posted a message on your business’s Facebook page, you were speaking to all of your fans at once. Marketers have had the ability for a while to geotarget posts, but they have never been provided with the tools to customize communications within a group. All of this has now Read More

Use Facebook to Keep In Touch With Your Clients

Facebook Marketing System

Devising a Facebook marketing system is one method of building truly profitable relationships with future clients. As you well know, Facebook is the largest social media construct in the world, and with more than 900 million users currently, it is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your business’s disposal. Have you taken advantage Read More

See What a Facebook Marketing System From Webati Can Do For Your Business!

Facebook Marketing System

Facebook is something that most of us use on a daily basis; however, very few business owners have recognized just how powerful this marketing tool can be, or how profitable. At Webati, many of our clients have discovered that Facebook is, far and away, the most effective form of advertising they have ever used. The Read More