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Google News Keywords Meta Tag Is Seriously Underutilized


Back in September of 2012, Google launched a new meta tag entitled “news keyword meta tag”. The purpose of this meta tag is to provide news publishers with a better method of ranking keywords they might not have been able to include in their headlines. How many news publishers have adopted this new tag so Read More

Learn the Tricks to Successful Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO

In the landscape of digital marketing, enterprise SEO is the odd man out. Many of today’s modern SEO experts spend years honing their craft by working in agencies or performing independent consulting. Because of this method of training, they have become something of a jack of all trades, performing tasks that range from optimizing individual Read More

The Email Subscriber Life Cycle

Email Marketing

In 2011, HubSpot produced an interesting study that essentially revealed that the longer an email subscriber had been on an email list, the less likely they were to engage in what those emails had to offer. On the other hand, marketers must bear in mind that it is much simpler to transform an existing customer Read More

Perfection Has Its Price

Google Analytics

At Webati, we often hear our clients express concern about utilizing Google Analytics to devise and feed their testing plans for optimization. The common fear is that the simple tools found in Google Analytics will not be able to adequately handle their site. It is a common misconception that more expensive tools are needed to Read More

How to Design Dynamic and Appealing Email Messages

Email Marketing

It is a well known fact that dynamic email is data driven. While this concept has been around for quite some time, the idea of conceptualizing and creating this form of email is a daunting prospect to many experienced designers and marketers. However, in reality, it does not stray that far from general design challenges. Read More

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