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How Complex Should Your Custom Logo Design Be?

Custom Logo Design

At Webati, we’ve often heard clients ponder how complex their custom logo design should be. There are benefits to having a simple logo design. For example, certain symbols are readily identifiable. Think about the logos for Sony and Apple. These logos are simple to reproduce in a wide range of different styles, and they can Read More

How to Select the Concept For Your Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design

The most important part of custom logo design is choosing the concept for your logo. It is a process that is similar to choosing a name for your company. Your logo is going to convey a message about your company. What do you want this message to say? There are many different methods of how Read More

Should Custom Logo Design Be Abstract or Identifiable?

Custom Logo Design

In this post, I’d like to talk about some of the issues that arise in the abstract versus identifiable logo debate. At Webati, we will often receive requests from clients for an image that is to be used to identify their company’s brand. However, the client would like to have something unique…something that no one Read More