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How Unstructured Data Is Redefining Display Advertising Part 2

Yesterday, we left off talking about what had gone wrong in using the new, current wealth of data in display advertising and how most companies of ill-equipped to handle this wealth of info. Jumping right back in, we cannot stress enough the importance of using raw data and core attributes to optimize a user into Read More

How Unstructured Data Is Redefining Display Advertising Part 1

Display Advertising

“Premium data” is a term that is tossed around by both networks and publishers frequently. This type of first rate data is employed to create higher fees and demand for advertising on various website properties. In its most basic definition, premium data is often described as the webpages that tend to generate the largest volumes Read More

A Comprehensive Guide to Display Advertising With Google

Display Advertising

Recently, Google had gained a fair amount of attention for the hard work they have been putting in on adding the AdWords interface to Google Display Network. There are a number of new updates and features to be excited about. In this blog post, we’re going to turn our focus towards the most important targeting Read More

Interested In Spying On Your Competition’s Display Advertising Efforts?

Display Advertising

Let’s just be honest. At some point or another, almost all of us have been tempted to spy on the display advertising efforts of our competitors. It gives us the childlike thrill of playing spy, but more than that, it can also give us a competitive advantage in our niche industries. For pay per click Read More

Advertising & Media : Our Predictions For the Future

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Marketing is a business that is almost as old as mankind itself. Think about it. Two thousand years ago, the Egyptians began writing on scrolls and tablets. Telecommunications first became a viable market in the 1700’s. As a partial result of WWII, we were introduced to computers. The future keeps chugging on. Writing, telecommunications, and Read More