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Defining the “Content” Part of Content Marketing

Content Marketing

From our years of experience in content marketing, we at Webati have never failed to be surprised at what people consider, or do not consider, to be content. Let’s say you are an employee of a firm whose primary job is to create PowerPoint presentations for your company, clients, and websites. This is still considered Read More

The 3 Types of Content You Should Be Generating But Probably Aren’t

Content Marketing

When performed correctly, content marketing can be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. There is a plethora of different content that can be used to your advantage. As one of the leading content providers at Webati, we understand that many of our clients struggle to produce content that is both applicable to Read More

5 Ways to Up the Ante of Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content Marketing

About 6 months ago, IBM published a study that revealed that approximately 80% of corporations that begin a company blog never make past more than the first 5 entries. These findings relate just to blogs. Think about other forms of social media marketing. There are Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and YouTube channels that are almost Read More

Defining What Content Marketing Is

Content Marketing

When it comes to successfully marketing your business, having a thorough understanding of what content marketing encompasses is going to be critical. Some of the most common questions we receive from clients here at Webati include, who creates the content, how do I decide what to improve, and where should the content go on my Read More

Tips For Creating Content Marketing Strategies For Your Business In 2013 Part 2

Content Marketing

In our last post, we talked about the importance of content marketing in today’s online world and the first steps that you need to take to begin creating a successful content marketing initiative. To continue this discussion, let’s take a look at the next step, creating an editorial calendar. The Importance of Having an Editorial Read More

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