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The Top 7 Mistakes That Affiliate Marketing Newbies Make Part 1

Affiliate Marketing

Those who are new to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing often enter this field just to make money. They will run in a wide variety of different directions and try anything and everything that strikes their fancy. What these new affiliate marketers do not understand is that the mistakes they are making now can Read More

Affiliate Marketing: Start Preparing For 2013 In the Fourth Quarter

Affiliate Marketing

Here, at Webati, we’ve having difficulty believing that we’re already a month into the fourth quarter of 2012. For most of our affiliate marketing clients, their current marketing initiatives are centered around the upcoming holiday season. However, now that those campaigns are in full swing, we believe it’s time to switch our attention over to Read More

The Top 7 Mistakes That Affiliate Marketing Newbies Make Part 2

Affiliate Marketing

In the first part of this mini series, we discussed how many people enter into affiliate marketing with the sole intention of making money. As a result of this singular focus, many newbies often make mistakes. At Webati, we have observed these mistakes over the years, and in order to assist our clients in avoiding Read More

Clickbank Vendor Promotional Messaging Guidelines


This morning we received an email from ClickBank expressing many changes and updates they have made to their “ClickBank Messaging Guidelines“. Essentially they are getting all ClickBank Vendors inline with FTC guidelines and aligning with well… “Best Consumer Practices“. We feel this is a good move however many ClickBank Vendors will be scrambling to follow Read More

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