Advertising & Media : Our Predictions For the Future

Display AdvertisingMarketing is a business that is almost as old as mankind itself. Think about it. Two thousand years ago, the Egyptians began writing on scrolls and tablets. Telecommunications first became a viable market in the 1700’s. As a partial result of WWII, we were introduced to computers. The future keeps chugging on.

Writing, telecommunications, and computers used to be three separate forms of media. Now, they are integrally linked to one another. It has been established that media requires more computing power than any other kind of industry worldwide, and its growth has yet to slow down. Besides conversations that are issued by human voices, media is the dominating power when it comes to conversation. On an interesting note, the media industry, even as it grows, is being spliced and diced into ever smaller sections.
What trends can we expect to become standard in the future? At Webati, we have many years of experience in our field, from SEO to display marketing, here are just a few of our predictions that we have gathered from our years of hard won knowledge.

  •  The advertising experience is going to become more and more personalized. Think about it. As marketers, we track each piece of information about our clients. This information has enabled us to create an advertising experience that is highly personalized towards our companies’ targeted demographics.
  •  Traditional paid advertising may well be on its way to going out the window. In our highly mobilized world, time is considered money, and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for a person to sit down for 60 seconds without being subjected to some form of advertising.
  •  Traditional media marketing has outgrown itself. We’ve already established that media marketing continues to grow; however, advertising is becoming increasingly local. Think of Google + Local. Because Internet and media marketing has become so large, it is difficult to effectively reach consumers, so trends are turning back towards grass roots efforts in order to attract the business of new clients.
  •  Consumers are shaping the future of advertising. This might seem like a common sense assumption. In fact, it is occurring right now, but take a moment and truly consider its implications. The types of technology that consumers are using are going to affect the new routes that marketing companies, like Webati, are going to have to take to reach them. Consumers are looking for instant gratification, and they are going to gravitate towards companies that are able to provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

If you pause to consider it, the more media advertising that people are exposed to, the less of it that they actually take notice of. Overexposure has dulled their ability to be receptive. Media marketing is a business that is data driven, from CTRs to demographics. The media landscape is continually changing as more and more technologies and innovations are brought to the market.

In many experts’ opinions, media is going to being to gravitate towards a subscription based model. Most people today simply do not want to watch or listen to any more advertisements when they are watching television or listening to music. This is going to translate into serious income for services like iTunes and Amazon, but into financial losses for television stations, newspapers, and traditional music labels.

On a forward basis, at Webati, we are interested to see who the emerging winners will be from this evolution and which institutions are going to be left behind.