3 Tips For Creating SEO Article Writing Plans

SEO Article Writing PlansCreating SEO article writing plans can sound scary to those who’ve never done it before, but in truth, it is not that difficult. It is simply a matter of following some simple guidelines. The key to successfully creating SEO article writing plans is to create a plan that satisfies both your human visitors and the search engines. Here are 3 tips for creating SEO articles:

  1. It all starts with the title.
    You might be sick of hearing this, but the title of your SEO articles is going to be the most important part of it. The title is going to be what entices readers to click on the link to read your article. Potential readers will see titles on search engine rankings, RSS feeds, and your blog. Essentially, the title of your article acts as an advertisement to its content. So, as a part of your SEO article writing plans, you need to be able to create compelling, attention grabbing headlines.
  2. Use heading tags throughout your SEO articles.
    When it comes to developing SEO article writing plans, you are going to need to plan how you will use heading tags throughout your articles. Heading tags, also commonly referred to as subheadings, break up the content of your articles into easily readable chunks. No one likes to see just one big block of text with nothing else. This looks visually unappealing, and it looks as if you have put no thought into the formatting of your articles.

    Ideally, the heading tags that you use in your articles should contain keywords that are related to the content or subject matter of your articles. Heading tags will be one of the first things that search engines scan when looking for the content of your article.

  3. Keywords In Your SEO Articles
    Finally, we come to keywords and their importance in developing SEO article writing plans. The same targeted keywords that you use in your title and your heading tags should also be sprinkled throughout the text of your copy. This is more for the search engines than for your readers; however, the keywords should not be used so much that they make the content of your articles unreadable to viewers.

As a general rule of thumb for your SEO article writing plans, you should use the keyword in question in the first sentence and the last sentence of your copy. The targeted keywords should be used at 3-5% KW density throughout the article.

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