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Live support is an often-overlooked, yet incredibly smart way to enhance your online business.

It generally serves two main roles:

Helps answer questions and provide instant support for your web visitors, rather than slower and more expensive support via the phone… and…

It helps eliminate confusion and objections, and increases the conversion of customers into buyers.

The second is actually probably even more important, because when live support services can help answer key questions that may otherwise be an impediment to your customer buying from you… a sale is made, when it normally wouldn’t.

And that means your sales and bottom line are boosted as a direct result of live support.

So how do you integrate this powerful tool into your business?

Here are a couple considerations:

  • What are the common problems/issues or questions visitors have?
  • What are the answers to those questions?
  • Can a live chat rep be easily trained to answer those questions for you?
  • What level of service do you need? How much traffic do you get?
  • These questions are just the beginning.

And fortunately, our team at Webati has set up live support for countless companies, utilizing all the various technologies and services that exist in the marketplace today.

Which puts us in the unique position to be able to help you choose the perfect solution for your business and goals. A solution that not only reduces customer service complaints and questions, but also impacts your profits in a very noticeable way.

To find out more about the live chat support services Webati can help you setup, simply CLICK HERE or contact us now at +1 (866) 580-2620 for your no-cost consultation and we’ll help give you all the information you need.

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