Google Analytics Setup

The Single Most Important Measurement Tool
for the Success of Your Online Business

Google analytics is a powerful tool that helps you identify and track all your key metrics and data that impact the bottom line of your online business.

Remember, what can be measured can be improved.

Thus, by measuring your key stats, you’ll be in the position to systematically grow your business more than ever before.

In fact, the knowledge you uncover about your visitors via Google analytics is almost priceless. The charts, details and reports provided in the service help you continually steer in the right direction.

With Google Analytics you’ll discover:

  • Which sites or ads your visitors came from
  • The duration of time (stick rate) visitors spend on your site
  • Which keywords bring in your most profitable customers, and which don't
  • Which version of your landing page or copy produced the best results
  • Which pages and content help generate the lion's share of your profits
  • And so much more

Bottom line: If you’re not utilizing Google Analytics properly, there is simply no way you’re making as many sales as you could be. In other words, money is slipping through your fingers.

On the other hand, once this tool is implemented and optimized, you’ll make better (more profitable!) business decisions that have measurable improved impact on your bottom line.

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