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Have you ever had the experience where you landed on a website… thought “ugh” or “yuck!”… and then quickly left?

Or, maybe you landed on a page – and tried to find what you where looking for… but it was just so difficult that you got frustrated and gave up.

We’ve all experienced this before.

Now more than ever, web visitors make rapid split-second decisions about whether or not to stay on a page.

Think about it: What’s the difference between a website where the average visitor stays for less than 30 seconds – and a site that keeps the viewer on for an average of 10 minutes or more?

The answer is simple: It primarily comes down to optimal web design.

A well-designed web page should be:

  • Simple, clear, and easy to navigate; if visitors have to wonder or guess about how to get somewhere - they won't. They'll just leave ...
  • It should look clean, elegant, and professional; being 'ugly' (as some marketers advocate) reduces your credibility - but being too 'pretty' can also confuse or distract visitors from your message
  • And it should be designed in a way that best showcases your overall message and a clear call to action.

In other words, the very best designed web pages are almost invisible. They act very much like a picture frame, guiding your viewer’s attention in the direction of what’s really important.

And, in our experience – and we’ve literally created and supervised nearly a thousand web pages over the years – an optimally-designed website or series of pages should do two main things:

Build your brand, while projecting the right image… and…

Generate maximum sales and profits for your business.

THAT’S IT. Your design showcases your message, and your message/words help you build your brand and make sales.

One of the things that separates Webati from others who offer web design is that we are business owners and marketers ourselves. We know exactly what it takes to maximize the full potential of your online business – not just design pretty pages.

In fact, our team of designers and programmers has nearly a decade of experience creating visually stunning websites that successfully effectively convert visitors into customers.

katherineKatherine Grant

I recently had the pleasure of working with Webati on a very large scale software launch. This immense undertaking combined an audience of hundreds of prospective customers. The time line was frightening, in that we only had 6 weeks from intial planning to execution. During every phase, and in every way, the team was approachable, jovial, knowledgeable and a real pleasure to work with. With seemingly “the weight of the world” on Webati’s shoulders, you could always count on their team for support, a decisive attitude and smiles. I will always welcome the opportunity to work with them again!

Paul King

Webati has great knowledge of how to make internet marketing work. We have been pleased with the responses to our Women’s Edge investment workshops due to their effective email campaign designs.

Jack’s Plumbing

I am not a very technical person and did not get a website for years because of it, until I was told about Webati. They made it very easy for me to get started and kept me informed. They made it very easy for me to understand a technology that I know nothing about. Thank you very much for bringing visibility to my plumbing business. I have been in business for almost 30 years and this has been the best marketing investment that I have made. I never fill out reviews, but you have to when you are extremely satisfied and got more than I expected working with Webati!

Branding and sales. We never lose sight of these two strategic goals. It’s crucial that you don’t either.

In fact, studies show that people’s ability to trust you (and therefore buy from you) are highly related to the overall design of your site. A clean, attractive, easy-to-read website will lend credibility to your business – and it will help boost your conversion.

Most design companies actually ignore these objectives – because they fail to design within the bigger picture of your online business goals.

Thus, you might get an attractive site, or series of pages, but does it really work for your business?

  • Does it make visitors get to know you, like and trust you?
  • Does it grab their attention and help guide them to where you want them to be?
  • Does it create a strong and lasting impression of who you are and your brand?
  • And most importantly, does it get your visitors to take the actions that generate revenues and profits for your business?

With Webati, you get all this and more. And we encourage you to CLICK HERE or contact us at +1 (866) 580-2620 for an initial consultation, where we’ll be able to learn about your business, assess your needs, and give recommendations about the type of website layout and design that will “show you the money.”

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