Tip’s to Get Your Email’s Opened

After you gather the right list, you then write the perfect email content, you design the ideal email template and HEY you’re ready to send out that first email newsletter! You place your mouse over the send now button – and you pause. In a small panic, you ask, “Will anybody want to read this email?”

Don’t stress, we’re going to ensure that you’re never in such an anxious situation. Actually, it’s really easier to get email recipients to open and read your email message – once you come to understand more about:

  1. The “Email From Name”
  2. The “Email Subject Line”
  3. The “Recipient’s Expectation’s”

So let’s get on with it ya?

The “Email From Name”

Your recipients likely receive hundreds of emails each day… and their inbox is probably flooded with SPAM… which means your email message will need to stand out to get opened– how you ask?

It’s all about the Email From Name. Your recipients are infinitely more likely to open their emails when the From Name is a familiar individual or organization. If your company name is more widely recognized than your own name, then use the company name as the From Name. For example, a Starbucks coffee drinker is more likely to open an email sent from Starbucks, as opposed to an email sent from “Kyle Rhodes,” the author of that particular Starbucks message.

Once you select a Email From Name, be consistent. Your subscribers will become familiar with that name (if they aren’t already) and they’ll also expect future messages to come from that From Name.

The “Email Subject Line”

Before you select a Subject Line, you need to assess (or set) your recipients’ expectations. Are your readers expecting a newsletter or a special promotion? Recipient’s opt-in to receive “newsletters” when they’re looking for relevant news, information and updates. Alternatively, when recipients opt-in to receive “promotions and offers,” they are interested in special discounts, savings, and incentives.

These expectations should dictate what type of Subject Line you use. Traditional newsletter recipients will appreciate headlines such as: “Company XYZ: Quarterly Update” or “Company XYZ Newsletter – November, 2009.” On the other hand, subscribers interested in promotions and offers will respond to the following headlines: “Save 20% – Company XYZ Winter Sale” or “Last Minute Gift Ideas from Company XYZ.”

All Subject Lines – for newsletters or promotions – must be clear and to the point. Don’t confuse or mislead your subscribers. And don’t try too hard. Simply let your subscribers know the subject of what they’re about to read.

The “Receipient’s Expectation’s”

A familiar and consistent Email From Name, paired with a clear and appropriate Email Subject Line, will encourage your subscribers to read your emails. But your email content must deliver – or your readers will eventually learn to ignore your emails, regardless of the relevant From Name and Subject Line.

For instance, when you send an email with the subject line “November Newsletter” to a subscriber that opted-in to receive “newsletters,” you’d be wise to make sure that your email, is in fact, a newsletter! Obvious? Perhaps. But the idea is important. Your content must match your reader’s expectations, while also matching the Subject Line and the From Name.

You’re now on your way to increasing the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. With the right Email From Name, Email Subject Line, and overall content, you’ll find that more people are reading your emails.

Talk to you soon!