The Top 7 Mistakes That Affiliate Marketing Newbies Make Part 2

Affiliate MarketingIn the first part of this mini series, we discussed how many people enter into affiliate marketing with the sole intention of making money. As a result of this singular focus, many newbies often make mistakes. At Webati, we have observed these mistakes over the years, and in order to assist our clients in avoiding them, we are taking an in depth look at them. We’ve already discussed the first three. Let’s move on to the next four.

4) Neglecting to track the right information.

Many new affiliate marketers use sites, like Squidoo, to create free webpages. For example, on these pages, they will often promote Amazon products. However, the primary problem arises when they neglect to use different tracking affiliate links on each page. Why should this be considered a mistake? When you make a sale, you want to know where exactly the sale is originating from. This information can then be used to grow and scale your affiliate marketing campaigns that are growing the best.

Making a commission is the point of affiliate marketing; however, what is going to enable you to become a better marketer is knowing exactly how you made that commission.

5) Forgetting to make comparisons.

One of the most effective tactics that we employ at Webati on behalf of our clients is comparison. Essentially what we do is compare the primary (or main) product with two other similar ones. Individuals who are looking to buy a physical product like to have their options narrowed down for them. This enables them to make the decision that is going to best suit their needs.

Over the course of time, we are able to track that particular webpage and to see which products are most valuable to site visitors. Consequently, the best converting products are then moved to the top of the page for better CTR. In addition to being valuable to your site’s visitors, the comparison technique is also going to be profitable for your business.

6) Make money online products.

You will likely have seen this scenario before. Let’s say you are visiting an online forum aimed at teaching you online affiliate marketing. There will most likely be a post from someone, somewhere stating that they haven’t been able to make a penny through affiliate marketing. However, their affiliate link is going to boast of the significant amount of money they made through doing “X”. This situation is more common than you might think. Don’t become that person.

Do not be that person that makes false claims regarding the products that you are promoting. The relationship between an affiliate marketer and their clients is one of trust. Making false claims is the surest and quickest method of violating this trust and ruining your credibility as a marketer.

7) Becoming distracted…

Becoming distracted from your primary focus is one of the biggest mistakes that affiliate marketing newbies can make. Many individuals become distracted by the latest fad or technique that floods their email inbox or might be mentioned frequently in a forum. These temptations are going to float by frequently. Ignore them. One carefully designed, honed, and profitable campaign is going to be worth 50 half assed ones.

Affiliate marketing is a field that requires you to be focused and dedicated. These are skills that you will learn in due time. Once you are aware of how these mistakes can affect your affiliate marketing efforts, you will be able to avoid them like the plague. Best of luck!