Should Custom Logo Design Be Abstract or Identifiable?

Custom Logo DesignIn this post, I’d like to talk about some of the issues that arise in the abstract versus identifiable logo debate. At Webati, we will often receive requests from clients for an image that is to be used to identify their company’s brand. However, the client would like to have something unique…something that no one else on the market is using. This in and of itself can create something of a problem. What qualifies as an identifiable symbol? The majority of identifiable symbols do state the nature of a business, but they have been used so often they are associated with one particular industry, and this may not necessarily be beneficial for your company.

Let’s say that the designer and the business owner decide to come up with an abstract symbol. It is important to bear in mind that any new symbol is not going to be immediately identifiable unless it is used by a brand new business that does not have an associated image yet. With custom logo design, it is going to take time, patience, and consistency to make any symbol recognizable.

The reason that many designers, including those at Webati, used abstract images is because an abstract image will not grow outdated with technological advances. When designing your business’s logo, a designer is going to have to be aware of how that symbol will be used. For example, in America, a red cross is associated with urgent healthcare; however, did you know that it is also the Swedish national symbol? The designer has to take into consideration many aspects of where and how the logo will be used, as well as the images that are most commonly associated with the logo.

Understanding these facts will make it easier for a business owner to understand why their designer created a specific custom logo design. Creating the ideal logo for your business is an ongoing process. What a Webati designer sees in a logo might not be what you, as the business, owner sees. It takes collaboration to come up with a suitable logo.

The lesson that is to be learned here today is that the perfect custom logo design simply does not exist. A client and a designer are going to need to make compromises with one another during the design process. Logos that are original and immediately identifiable are a rarity for a new business. Keeping this in mind, do not think that logo designers will not try their best to make the perfect logo, but when perfection cannot be reached they’ll do their best to approach it.

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Mark says:

For me identifiable logo means more than being abstract. I won’t go for a logo If people are not able to relate your logo with your business.