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Email marketing is BY FAR one of the most effective methods for bonding with your customers, enhancing your relationship, and making more sales.

In addition, when you understand and can successfully implement email marketing that works – it allows you to make money in ways that are unimaginable to most other business owners.

One of the most popular forms of email marketing is an online newsletter, that often includes advertisements for your products, or affiliate products. However, there are many more possibilities.

Other ways to use email powerfully include sending a series of emails that address specific themes or purposes, at weekly intervals (called auto-responders). This way, your emails work toward a specific goal – whether it’s bonding with customers, making sales, promoting an affiliate offer, or anything else.

This is powerful in that it works “automatically” to help you achieve whatever goal you seek – whether it’s to give away free content, make more sales, or all of the above.

There are several main keys to successful email marketing:

  • Bringing in new subscribers/building your list
  • Developing the right message and overall strategy
  • Having quality/compelling copy that helps achieve the desired outcome

The first key requires an extremely compelling landing page with powerful “bait” used to entice subscribers. The second requires an understanding of what you want to communicate to those on your list, and why…

And the third, requires the ability to craft compelling copy that truly delivers.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs have none of these skills – and thus never harness the amazing profit potential of email marketing. Yet that’s the beauty of the team we’ve assembled at Webati – all of these skill sets are covered in spades, so that we can provide a complete solution for your email marketing.

In addition, we can:

  • Help you choose the right email system, or get the most from your current one
  • Help understand how to best attract new email subscribers, manage them, and build a relationship
  • Create compelling email strategy and copy that makes sales and increases the value of every name on your list

And so much more.

Email marketing is literally one process that – if executed properly – can generate six or seven-figures in additional profits for your company.

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