Affiliate System Integrations

Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Hard…
Make It Up to 10x Easier With Systematic Integration

We all know affiliate marketing is lucrative…

Yet, it’s challenging enough to get affiliates to promote you – why waste time with frustrating solutions that make it hard to manage your affiliate marketing.

At Webati, we can help you choose or build the optimum affiliate platform for your business needs. This way, managing affiliates and payments becomes a breeze, and you can focus on other marketing efforts.

For instance, we work with a variety of affiliate management systems, which are successfully used by our clients in many different markets. These systems are highly efficient at whatever performance model you select or determine for paying your affiliates, and very easy to use.

Remember: An affiliate system for tracking and paying affiliates will ensure you attract better affiliates, keep them happy, and maximize the income potential that comes from having an army of affiliates promoting your business.

And as more affiliates start to promote your affiliate links, your sales quite often explode faster than you ever imagined possible.

The best part is, affiliate marketing is performance-based, and thus an extremely effective solution – because you don’t waste money on ineffective advertising or have to risk lots of precious capital in advance.

With any of the systems we implement or custom-design for you:

  • You can choose to compensate affiliates for leads, clicks, sales or any other metric that makes sense for your business
  • You can easily manage (and approve or reject) transactions. The level of control you have is totally up to you...
  • Results, performance and even the necessary payout is calculated and displayed for you, making everything extremely simple
  • Depending on the service and package you select, there are varying degrees of built-in fraud prevention that help protect you against questionable transactions
  • Your affiliates can promote your products or services through banners, emails, links, articles or even more sophisticated methods
  • You can store your 'creatives' in one central place, making it far easier for affiliates to promote you
  • All your key metrics and performance data are stored in one place - and can be delivered to you in real-time, if you choose
  • Best of all, your time and hassle is reduced, and your performance is greatly maximized

Of course, the type of system you select or get custom-built for you is totally dependant on your business and market. To find out how Webati’s integrated affiliate systems can help your business, simply CLICK HERE or call +1 (866) 580-2620 to schedule a free consultation.

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