Defining What Content Marketing Is

Content MarketingWhen it comes to successfully marketing your business, having a thorough understanding of what content marketing encompasses is going to be critical. Some of the most common questions we receive from clients here at Webati include, who creates the content, how do I decide what to improve, and where should the content go on my site?

These are all valid questions. Any successful business is going to take them seriously, so that they can implement effective content marketing techniques. Content marketing is an essential element of other types of marketing, including social media marketing and paid advertising. The question to ask yourself is, what kind of content is your business currently creating?

There’s No Such Thing as “Just” Writing Press Releases

Recently, Webati interviewed a potential candidate for a PR position at our firm. When asked about his skills at writing effective content, he replied that he did not write content. He simply wrote press releases. This statement was followed by a question about what content was exactly. While this was just one individual, his response demonstrates a lack of understanding across the board as to what content marketing is exactly.

We Are Surrounded With Content

In its most basic definition, content could be described as all materials that are made available to a company’s audience. While this does include a website’s readers or visitors, it also encompasses a site’s prospects, clients, shareholders, analysts, and the media at large.

If the members of your PR team or content writers do not understand the fact that they are producing content, then is a serious indicator that they do not understand the importance of what they are producing. It can also point to several other problems within your organization, including:

  •  An absence of a coherent content strategy within your business
  •  A serious hindrance in your ability to asses and repurpose existing content material
  •  And a corporate environment that does not adhere to the style and brand of your business

A Symptom of a More Serious Problem

When a member of your staff says that they do not produce content, it is a symptom of a more serious problem. Communications regarding messaging cannot be aligned with one another across departments unless each staff member understands content strategy in its continuity, including creation, production, and dissemination.

A successful marketing strategy for a business or corporation is going to be comprised of cohesive and coherent content. Each member of your content creation team is going to need to be well educated in the strategy and implementation of content marketing. In being well educated, your content writers are going to be able to work more effectively and cost efficiently.

If you want to instill a culture of content within your business, then you are going to need to recognize and support content that unifies every single one of your company’s marketing initiatives. There is also a need to be educated in the value of agility and speed, especially in digital content, which comprises the majority of content marketing efforts. It is the responsibility of a company’s management to change the current cultural mindset of content marketing. The first step in doing so is going to be to appoint an individual, within a senior management role, to supervise content initiatives.