Clickbank Vendor Promotional Messaging Guidelines

Affiliate MarketingThis morning we received an email from ClickBank expressing many changes and updates they have made to their “ClickBank Messaging Guidelines“. Essentially they are getting all ClickBank Vendors inline with FTC guidelines and aligning with well… “Best Consumer Practices“. We feel this is a good move however many ClickBank Vendors will be scrambling to follow the ClickBank Messaging Guidelines.

They are requiring the removal of; fake scarcity, countdown timers, claims without substantiation, case studies or testimonials without substantiation, prices appearing to be reduced from a previously higher price point when in fact they were never really higher and other false claims and misrepresentations which in all fairness run rampant within many ClickBank Vendors Products.

We really do feel this is a great move and is in the “Consumers Best Interest”!

For the full ClickBank Vendor Promotional Messaging Guidelines update visit here.

Here’s a copy of the email we received below:

Clickbank Vendor Promotional Messaging Guidelines