Can Success Online Be Self Taught?

Affiliate MarketingEvery once in a while, at Webati, we’ll have a client who claims that they are successful in affiliate marketing because they have a natural talent for it. This type of statement usually brings a chuckle from our staff. When it comes to making money online as a whole, or more specifically in affiliate marketing, “natural talent” has very little to do with one’s success.

A couple of our most talented writers, designers, and engineers do not have college degrees. They are self taught. Although many of our senior staff members do, what we all have in common is that success can be contributed to what we have learned to do and not to do at the University of Internet Marketing, School of Hard Knocks. Trust us. We’ve all been knocked around quite a bit.

Unfortunately, natural talent is often confused for outright determination to succeed and ongoing, forward moving action. The truth is, everyone has an equal opportunity to make money when it comes to affiliate marketing. Whether or not you are successful is going to be determined by how much hard work you are willing to put in.

Success Is the Fruit of Hard Labor

There is an excellent article on entitled “Do You Believe In Natural Talent?” Here is a quote from the author that is directly correlated to what we are discussing:

“The Ego is programmed by thousands of years of evolution to keep us alive – and as a result it hates change.

That’s because with change comes uncertainty. With uncertainty comes potential danger. So the Ego tries to steer us away from change. And uncertainty. And potential danger. And when we want to learn to play a musical instrument, or learn to speak a foreign language, or learn to draw, or paint, the Ego does its work like this:

It finds an example of someone in your field who is really good. And it whispers in your ear: ‘you can never be as good as them. They’re naturally talented.’

Most of us are lost the minute we listen to that voice. “

As a business who frequently works with and educates people in the affiliate marketing industry, this particular passage was considered quite powerful. If someone believes that they do not have a natural talent for affiliate marketing, they are mistaken in the root cause of their problem. It is not due to a lack of talent. Their troubles can be attributed to their fears of stepping outside their comfort zone.

Moving Outside of Your Safety Zone

It can take a considerable amount of time for an affiliate marketer to learn how to step outside of their comfort zone. It is not an overnight process. Furthermore, out of all the clients we have had at Webati, we cannot think of one single person whose success has been attributed to hard work only. However, we have had our fair share of clients who have allowed their fear of uncertainty to halt the progression they make.

Do you think that natural talent is a real attribute/asset when it comes to affiliate marketing? What advice would you give to a fellow entrepreneur who did not think that they had the talent to become successful? Leave your thoughts on the subject in our comments section below. We would like to know what your thoughts on the subject are.