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Email Marketing – How to Choose the Best Responsive Layout Part 1

Email Marketing

For email marketing in 2012, a new focus has been placed on the concept of responsive email. In actuality, this technique is far from new, but as an increasing number of people begin to experiment with it, patterns are beginning to emerge in both organizations and layouts. In terms of email marketing, responsive layout patterns Read More

4 Simple Steps to Effective Mobile Optimization

Mobile Marketing

There’s no doubt that a lot has been said about the importance of optimizing your business’s website for mobile viewing. In fact, we’ve written about the importance of mobile marketing on the Webati blog several times in the last few months. In short, mobile usage is expected to account for roughly 50% of all web Read More

5 Myths About Linking that Need to Disappear In the New Year

5 Myths About Linking that Need to Disappear In the New Year

In a few short days, it is going to be time to say hello to the year 2013. Before year ends, we thought we’d go over 5 linking myths that we, here at Webati, would really love to see disappear this year. We’ll also provide our reasoning behind why they should go. We could write Read More

The Love Affair Between Advertisers and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept. It has been around since about 1995, which is hundreds of years in Web years. At that time, the birth of Internet shopping had just begun, and cell phones were used strictly for talking, not for shopping. Think about it. Facebook and Twitter were nonexistent. Steve Jobs was Read More

OS Age & the Age of the User

Web Analytics

Windows 8 was released just last month. Over the summer, Apple released the iOS6 to mixed reviews, and it also released the Mac OS X Mountain Lion for its desktop. In both professional and consumer written reviews, Windows 8 has been heralded as the foundation of the Microsoft’s attempt to reinvigorate its ailing OS sector. Read More

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