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How Unstructured Data Is Redefining Display Advertising Part 1

Display Advertising

“Premium data” is a term that is tossed around by both networks and publishers frequently. This type of first rate data is employed to create higher fees and demand for advertising on various website properties. In its most basic definition, premium data is often described as the webpages that tend to generate the largest volumes Read More

Uncovering Link Prospects Without the Assistance of Google

Google Analytics

Can you think of an Internet marketer who is not obsessed with Google in some form or fashion? We have a particular fondness for the search engine giant here at Webati, but there are going to be times when you need to take a break from the hand that feeds you. The power of the Read More

Our Predictions for Media & Advertising in 2013

Media & Advertising

Media and advertising is almost as old as mankind itself. 2,000 years ago, the Egyptians first began etching words and figures on tablets and scrolls. The roots of the modern telecommunications business were born in 1700’s. Modern computers were a direct result of technological advances made during World War II, which grew significantly more popular Read More

The Influential Role Pinterest is Playing In Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Pinterest is often thought of simply as a social hub for sharing images; however, to the savvy marketer, it has much more to offer. In and of itself, it has become a lifestyle brand. The most common complaint that you’re going to hear about Pinterest is that users spend too many hours looking through sources Read More

Defining the “Content” Part of Content Marketing

Content Marketing

From our years of experience in content marketing, we at Webati have never failed to be surprised at what people consider, or do not consider, to be content. Let’s say you are an employee of a firm whose primary job is to create PowerPoint presentations for your company, clients, and websites. This is still considered Read More

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