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Useful Tips For Choosing the Right Web Analytics Solution

Web Analytics

Choosing which web analytics tools you want to use for your website can seem overwhelming with so many options to choose from. There is a wide array of excellent candidates to choose from. When you choose a web analytics solution, you are not simply just choosing a provider, you are essentially choosing a data gathering Read More

The Benefits of Emailing Receipts to Your Clients

Email Marketing

As marketers, many of us are familiar with the benefits of sending online receipts to our clients who have made a purchase online. It offers value as a transactional record. However, what many retailers do not understand is the value of emailing receipts to clients who make in store purchases. While we understand that this Read More

Use Google’s New Improvements to “Get Local” For the Holidays

Local Search

The Christmas season of 2012 is certainly shaping up to a multi channel one. While approximately 90% of purchases this holiday season are still going to be made in store, these purchases are going to be highly influenced by tablet and smartphone searches and uses. It is a well documented fact that more than 80% Read More

Examining the Intersection of Cross Domain Search and Conversion

Conversion Optimization

As a marketer, the chances are high that you are managing multiple online marketing programs across a variety of websites and domains. In an effort to streamline your processes, you may have asked yourself one of the following questions. What are the interactions between each of my websites? Is it likely that my clientele might Read More

Facebook Marketing : Moving Beyond the Initial Campaign

Facebook Marketing

Alright, your ad types have been selected, creative content has been produced, and your Facebook marketing campaign has been optimized. What should your next move be? How to Evaluate the Success of Your Facebook Marketing Efforts Deciding whether or not your Facebook marketing efforts have been successful is going to be a fairly straightforward process. Read More

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